Posters and communication cards developed to be a visual support and supplement in communication with patients and family members following a diagnostic assessment.
The posters and accompanying communication cards are presenting core symptoms in Tourette syndrome and common co – occurring challenges.

The primary target group for the materials is clinicians responsible for assessment and offering psychoeducation to children and adolescence with Tourette syndrome.

The materials contain

  • An introduction to the materials
  • Two posters. One shows illustrations and short text about motor and vocal tics, the core symptoms of Tourette syndrome. The other poster presenting common co-occurring conditions and challenges prevalent for those with Tourette syndrome
  • Conversation/discussion cards containing each illustration and accompanying text from the poster

    The poster is based on the diagnostic criteria described by the ICD-10.


Download the poster here
Download the conversation cards here
Download the guide here – guide
Download the four-part version of the poster her

Contact: Kari Anne Pedersen, kaaped@ous-hf.no
Oslo University Hospital, Norway